Rock paper scissors: finding Jel Suarez
Tropikalye: Makings of familiarity
Capsule of Care
Without Rose Tinted Glasses
Play to Learn
Creator Meets Creature
Lights, Camera—Play, Pose, and Watch
Issa Barte: Yours Mine and Ours
Contextualising Art Fair 2020
Gabbie Sarenas: Fashion in Conjunction
Monokerom: Minimalism Personified
INNÉ: Pieces of Home
Parissara: Fighting the Good Fight with Resort Wear
aNerdgallery: A Whimsical World of Batik
Art Foothold in Flux: MCAD Manila
Artdialogo: Colour as a New Language
Seabound: Open Waters and Conversations
AMAMI: Weaving Gold and Centuries
Ricky Francisco
 on the Earnestness of Objects

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