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Fletch: Delivering Meaning Through Music and Connotation

From campus to national

Words by
Joice Tentry

Feature images credit: Lucky Brinanda

From its humble beginnings as a campus band, Fletch is now among the top indie bands in Indonesia.

Established in 2015 in the city of Malang, Fletch’s six members (Richard as the vocalist, Rido as the keyboardist, Danti as the ukulelist, Ade as the drummer, Amanda as the violinist and Naufalia as the bassist) are still going strong in music creation four years on.

In December 2017, the band launched its debut full length album Konotasi, which means connotation. The album title captures the band’s use of metaphors and figurative lyrics, delivering messages through its songs with imagery and distinct musical style.

Tiga Pagi, which has an English version titled 3 A.M., is a bonus track and has garnered millions of streams on Spotify. This led the band to make it to the list of Musicians to Watch Out in 2018 by The Display.

What makes them different from other bands and how do they keep going?

Credit: Satrio Adhi

How have you evolved since your establishment as an extracurricular campus band?

Rido: We were indeed established as an extracurricular campus band, but we were always thinking how to make the band bigger. What we did at first was to keep doing what we should do as a band, including making songs, exercising, collecting money to fund our recording, etc. The point is, we never stop.

How do you differ from other campus bands?

Rido: What makes Fletch different from other campus bands is that we keep going even when we are no longer part of the campus.

In some cases, campus bands usually tend to disperse as the members graduate and go back to their hometowns.

But we simply don’t. That’s the difference.

Credit: Satrio Adhi

Who is mainly in charge of writing the songs? What inspires you to write such lyrics?

Danti: Actually, it’s not just one person’s duty to write the lyrics. When someone has lyrics, he or she will share it with the rest and we’ll discuss it. For Konotasi, the lyricists are Amanda, Rido, Putra and me. One of our managers also participated in writing the lyrics for one of our songs. For my own inspiration, it’s more about everyday life. It’s not just about love, even though it seems like that.

What message does the band want to convey through its music?

Richard: We want to share what we feel through the lyrics, also through the music that supports the atmosphere of the stories from the lyrics we write.

What kind of music does the band want to bring to listeners in the future?

Richard: We would like to add some electric instruments along with certain effects to sink the listeners deeper into the messages that we are trying to deliver through our songs.

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