When Films Give Voice to the Voiceless
Cris Bringas and Grace Constance Song on Documenting the Past
Moving the Mekong: An Interview with Kulikar Sotho and Anysay Keola
Monokerom: Minimalism Personified
Theatremaker Jun Vinh Teoh on Staying Hot Enough to Make the Jump
George Town Festival 2019: Closing with The Extravaganza
George Town Festival 2019: Deciphering THISNORTHAT
George Town Festival 2019: Shedding Light on Collective Histories
George Town Festival 2019: Vulnerability Through Armour and Skin 2019
George Town Festival 2019: Taking Flight with BIRD
An Accidental Collective Called HOAX Vision
Sheena Baharudin: Three Languages, One Poet
Kangblabla: Experiment With What You Have
Amira Hanafi: Painting with Bacteria
Escapeva: Balancing Artistic Integrity with Commercial Clients
Nadhir Nor: Residencies are Places of Artistic Eurekas

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