Nazry Bahrawi: Translating Culture
The Cultural Milieu of Makan Sirih
Tania De Rozario: “Writing was a means of giving language and structure to very difficult, amorphous feelings.”
Priyageetha Dia: “The act of reclaiming is an exhaustive process.”
Partners in Art-making and Life: Claire Wong interviews Huzir Sulaiman
Did I Say It Right?
Activating Serenity
aNerdgallery: A Whimsical World of Batik
Beyond the Dancer: Marabu – The First Ripple
Jian Yang Never Stopped Playing with Barbies, and Now He Collects Them
The TENG Company on Dialect Music and Remembering Heritage
Arin Rungjang: They Beat Your Father
Isaac Kerlow: Making Art in the Name of Science
Iyvone Khoo Harnesses Plankton and Light for Molecular Art
PROJECT PLAIT: In Conversation With Naomi Tan and Nixon Low
Lim Jialiang on the Romance of Hawker Culture and the Invincibility of Chicken Rice
Music For A Cause: Singapore’s Altruistic Music Festival
Senior Curator Seng Yu Jin for Awakenings
Queer Zinefest: A 3-Dimensional Experience
Michael Spinks on WHABBY! Musical Carnival 2019
SWING MAG on Being Queer in the Digital Age

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